What to do if you’re a Globespan or flyglobespan customer

It’s yet more bad news for Christmas travellers as news breaks that Scottish travel group Globespan has gone into administration.

Around 5,000 holidaymakers have been stranded overseas, while many other people’s future travel plans are in tatters.

Globespan offered flights under the flyglobespan brand from five main airports, predominantly in Scotland, to destinations like Tenerife, Portugal and Egypt. It has gone into administration and will not be rescheduling flights.

So if you’re a sun chaser now stranded overseas, or had booked your holiday for the future, what now?

Bob Atkinson, travelsupermarket.com’s expert, said: “Yet more distressing news before Christmas for a huge number of Scottish holidaymakers, plus this is tragic news for one of Scotland’s leading travel companies. At this point customers need clear advice of what to do.”

Well, Bob has given us that advice, answering some of the many questions Globespan customers may have. Here’s what he said:

What about my package holiday booking?

There’s some good news for anyone who’s booked a package holiday with the group, as they will most likely be protected under the Air Travel Organisers' Licensing (ATOL) scheme, run by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Companies providing package holidays pay money to this scheme so that, in the event one goes out of business, their customers will be flown home or reimbursed if their holiday hadn’t started.

Don’t make any alternative travel plans yourself, unless you’re asked to, and keep all receipts for out-of-pocket expenses if you want to try and claim them.

If you’re planning to book a new holiday then it’s worth checking you will definitely receive a refund before you pay out.

More information is available at the ATOL website or via its dedicated helpline for Globespan customers stuck overseas: 0044 203 441 0846.

Can I continue my holiday?

If your holiday has only just started then don’t panic, you should be able to finish your trip.

The CAA is offering financial guarantees to hotels and other accommodation providers to make sure Globespan customers can finish their holidays.

There’s a chance that some hotels will refuse to accept the guarantee, in which case you should pay again and then reclaim your cash from the CAA.

I booked through a travel agent

Anyone who booked their holiday through a travel agent rather than Globespan should contact them for help either getting home or rearranging their travel plans.

They should be able to help you find flights home or rebook your holiday if you haven’t yet travelled.


What if I just booked flights?

Flights are not covered by the ATOL scheme, so travellers will not receive a refund from the Civil Aviation Authority.

If you’re one of those affected, you will now need to arrange your own travel home.

At the time of writing, Ryanair and Easyjet are offering special repatriations fares and more information is available on their website in the news or media sections.

Can’t I claim for my flights?

There are other ways to try and reclaim the money you’ve spent. If you bought the tickets using a credit card then you have some protection under the Consumer Credit Act and can ask your provider for a refund.

Alternatively, contact your travel insurance provider to find out exactly what assistance they will give you in getting home. Not all providers protect you against airline insolvency, so get in touch with yours as soon as possible.

Won’t Globespan reimburse me?

If you don’t have travel insurance and you didn’t pay using a credit card, you can try to claim your money back from the Globespan estate.

However, you may not receive anything as the company’s administrators attempt to pay staff and creditors.

You can register your claim by writing to:

Joint Administrators
c/o Erskine house
68-73 Queen Street

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