What is a collective switch?

Looking for a cheaper energy deal? Want to lower your gas and electricity prices? A Collective Switch could be just what you need to get that cheaper tariff you're after.

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When it comes to gas & electricity bills, what is a collective switch?

Energy providers can offer cheaper prices when they are confident a lot of people will switch to them from one source, such as MoneySuperMarket, as it helps to bring their costs down.

So, a Collective Switch uses this logic to get consumers to club together, buy in bulk and get a better deal.

At Moneysupermarket, because a large number of customers come to us wanting to switch energy, we can approach the energy suppliers to get great value, exclusive deals on your behalf. Here’s what you should know.

It’s not that we just not only do we get the cheapest prices, we get great fixed rate deals too,which means you know the rate you pay for your gas and electricity won’t go up during your contract

Collective switch deals do have a limited shelf life. This can be around 2 weeks to about a month, so you do have to act sooner rather than later to secure your prices.

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