What if... My landlord won’t give me back my deposit?

What can you do if your landlord won’t give you back your deposit? Watch and find out!

So you’re all packed up and moving out of your rented house or flat when suddenly your landlord tells you you’re not getting your deposit back – here’s what you can do.

Write to your landlord

Write a letter to your landlord outlining what costs you think are unreasonable, why you think  they’re unreasonable and why you think the money should be returned to you and give them a deadline of, say 14 days to respond.

Get help

If they’ve don’t respond or you think they’re kept your deposit unlawfully you can go to the small claims court, but first you should use the Alternative Dispute Resolution service that is part of your tenancy deposit protection scheme.

Go to court

If your landlord won’t agree to an ADR or they’ve not protected your deposit in one of the schemes on screen, you could take the matter to court.

To back up your case, collate as much evidence as you can – such as that lot listed on screen now – and you should hopefully be able to either convince your landlord your serious and avoid court action or get your deposit back via the legal system. Either way, good luck!

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