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So, you have lost your bank card or it’s been stolen, what do you do?

Contact and cancel

The first thing to do is to contact your bank, get the card cancelled and order a new one.  You can do this in a branch, on the phone, or you may even be able to use your online banking or your mobile app. If your card was stolen, make sure you report it to the police.

Getting cash without your card

If you need to get money out, before your new card arrives, you’ll need to go into a branch of your bank, with two forms of ID; like a passport or driving licence.

Use your mobile banking app

Some banks, such as NatWest, allow you to access cash without your card, by requesting a code from your mobile banking app.

Call your bank

You can even access your cash without your card or your mobile banking app by calling the bank direct, answering some security questions, then you’ll be given a code which you can use at a cash point. However, the shelf-life of this code will be very short.

Look out for unusual transactions

If your card has been lost or stolen, keep an eye out for any unusual transactions and contact your bank if you find any.

Report it

As long as you have reported the loss or theft immediately, you should be able to get any fraudulent transactions refunded.

Reduce your risk

To reduce the risk of loss of theft in the future, always keep your cards in the same, safe place and make sure you pay as you go, rather than setting up a tab in a bar or a restaurant and leaving your card with staff.

Protect your pin

Finally, obviously never write down your pin number and then keep it with your card.

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