What if... I want to swap my Child Trust Fund for a JISA?

If you want to swap your Child Trust Fund for a Junior ISA, follow these steps

If you had a child between September 2002 and January 2011, you’ll have qualified for a Child Trust Fund (CTF). These accounts are no longer available but you can transfer the funds into a Junior ISA (JISA).

Trace the Child Trust Fund

The first thing to do is trace where your Child Trust Fund is held.

If you didn’t open a CTF, the government would have done so on your behalf, kick-starting the account with a £250 voucher, and then written to you with the details.

Even if you’ve lost this letter, you can still trace your CTF through HMRC.

Compare Junior ISAs

Next you need to compare the range of Junior ISAs on offer. You can do this on the MoneySuperMarket website here.

Contact the provider

Finally. contact the Junior ISA provider with the details of the CTF and where it is held. You’ll need to transfer ALL the money from the CTF and then close it down.

Then just wait for the transfer to go through. If you want to transfer funds from more than one CTF in the same child’s name, you’ll have to contact each of the Child Trust Fund providers to arrange transfers to the Junior ISA of your choice.

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