What if... I don’t like my Christmas presents?

It’s Christmas, you've peeled back the paper on one of your presents, and even as you’re thanking the giver you’re thinking of how you're going to get rid of it! So, what options are there for presents you don’t like?

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Laura Howard

So, you’ve been given a Christmas gift that you don’t like and want to return what are you going to do?


Unfortunately, you’ve got no legal right to return the item just because you hate the colour, it’s the wrong size or even that you’ve already got one.


Stores only have to accept the item back, if it’s faulty, not as described or unfit for purpose. The good news is that most stores choose to operate their own generous returns policy which means you can get a refund an exchange or at worst a credit note.


If you want the cash back though, you’ll have to have the receipt as proof of purchase and you’ll usually have to take it back within 28 days.


If you didn’t get a receipt for your present or even a gift receipt take a deep breath and go back to the person who gave you the present and ask them for it.


If there’s no chance at all of getting the receipt, as long as the tags are still on the item you can probably take it back and get a credit note. But if the item has gone into the January sales, that discounted price is all you’re going to get back.


There are some items though that you won’t be able to return even if you haven’t used them, such  as earrings, make up and toiletries. You also won’t be able to return items if you have already opened the packaging or if the item has been personalised for you such as a mug or a mouse mat.


The only real way to avoid getting gifts that you don’t like is to create wish list. Some stores such as Amazon and John Lewis allow you to create a wish list online and share with your friends. So if it is too late for this Christmas, maybe it is something to consider for 2015.

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