What if... I want money from my fixed term savings account?

If you've locked your money away in a fixed term savings account but you need to get your hands on your cash, is there anything you can do?
Les Roberts looks at the options...

If you've locked your money away into a fixed-term savings account but now need to get your hands on your cash here's what you need to do.

Check the terms and conditions

Once you've put your money in, you generally can't touch it again until the end of the term - unless your account allows this.

You might have an account that offers at least one penalty-free withdrawal. Take advantage of this.

Penalty shootout

However, some accounts will let you make a withdrawal, so long as you're prepared to pay the penalty. The penalty could be a drop in the rate of interest you earn, a loss of interest in the month of the withdrawal or you might be switched to a poorer account.

Dont forget your ISA limits

Beyond those two options, there's one last thing to watch out for. If you've got your cash stashed in a fixed-rate ISA, any money you take out will be deducted from the total amount you are allowed to save tax-free that year.

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