What if... I can’t pay my energy bill?

Clobbered by a big energy bill you can’t afford? Here’s our energy editor, Kevin Pratt with what you need to do.

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If you can’t afford to pay your energy bill, do these three things:

Contact your provider immediately

Contact your energy provider straight away; there will be a number on your bill. Don’t ignore the situation, because it’s only likely to get worse.

Now, your provider is required to treat you sympathetically and that will probably mean setting up a payment schedule, to deal with what you owe.

Trouble paying energy bills?

Check whether you are eligible for help. In the form of the winter fuel allowance, the warm home discount, a cold weather payment or even a financial grant.

Again, there should be details on your bill or you can always contact citizen’s advice.

Get the cheapest tariff

Make sure you’re on the cheapest tariff, that’s a five minute job on our website and then switch, to maximise your savings and cut your future bills.

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