What do I need to switch energy supplier?

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What do I need to switch energy supplier?

If you’ve got a recent bill to hand, that’s brilliant because it carries all the information that we require. If you haven’t don’t worry, because we can still deliver you an accurate quote with the answers you give us to a few simple questions.

Do you live in a house or flat?

We ask this, because the type of property you live in plays a big part in determining how much energy you use.

What type of house is it?

This makes a big difference to the calculations. So, what type of house do you live in? Is it terraced? Is it Semidetached? We have got five options that you can choose from.

When was the property built?

Knowing the date the property was built, tells us a lot about how it was constructed, including the materials it used and any inculcation that was put in. Now that is vital in helping us work out how much energy you’re likely to use.

Don’t worry we don’t need the exact year- we give you a range to choose from. Such as before 1954 or between 1954 to 1975, 976 to 1995, 1996 to 2002. 

How many bedrooms does it have? The number of bedrooms tells us roughly how big the property is and size matters, when it comes to energy usage.

How many adult occupants?

We factor the number of adult occupants into our sums, again to get an idea of the energy usage of the address.

When is energy typically used?

This is the last piece of the jigsaw, if you’re in a household where everybody’s out at work all day or at school, you’ll use less energy than a household where somebody’s at home all the time.

So we give you three options-

Day time and evenings, evenings and weekends, and not often. 

Now we use your answers to these questions to help us give you an accurate quote. An accurate quote is important because it means that the bill you get when you switch to a new provider will be in line with your expectations. So, no nasty surprises just the hefty savings that you were looking forward to

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