What broadband speed do I need?

Stream films? Play games online? Or just surf the web and use email? Your answer dictates your broadband speed-need, as Mark Hooson explains

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The broadband speed you need really depends on what you use the web for.

If you’re a light internet user, which means you’re using it for things like checking your email, Facebook, and streaming a bit of music, then you’re not going to need anything faster than around 3Mb/s.

If you like to stream video using services like Netflix, then 3Mb/s is fine for standard definition, but if you want to watch in HD, you’re going to have to go around 7Mb/s.

If you’re an online gamer then you need to go faster again, you will need speed of around 10Mb/s – but obviously the faster the better.

So with all this in mind, when you’re comparing broadband it’s important to think carefully about what you use the web for, to make sure you get the speed you need.

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