Want to CRUSH a CAR?

Here’s your chance to crush a car – using nothing more than your fingers and your Facebook page!

Keys to EPIC success

You’ve heard the phrase ‘more power to your elbow’.

We’ve changed it to read: “More power to your keyboard.”

Or, to be more precise: “More power to the fingers of your right hand that control your computer’s direction keys and commands.”

Here’s how our Epic Car Crusher works…

At an undisclosed location somewhere on the Continent,  an awesome, 40-foot robotic arm and claw sits brooding in an echoing warehouse.

It’s called Robo Hand.

Its sole purpose is to pick up cars... and CRUSH them into oblivion.

And here’s the epic bit…

Robo Hand is remote controlled. That means, no matter how remote you are, if you’re logged into Facebook, YOU can control it.

Go on. You know you want to…

Imagine. Sitting at your computer. Robo Hand, silent and poised, awaiting your command.

Beneath its massive metal digits sits an innocent car, mutely unaware of the fate that awaits.

Then, with a few careful keyboard strokes, the immense power of this machine swings into action, following your precise directions, and the vehicle meets its shuddering doom.

If that isn’t EPIC, we don’t know what is!

Click here your chance to take control of Robo Hand.

But don’t hang around. You need to register your interest TODAY (Wednesday) - Robo Hand is only available until 9.00pm.

So come on.

Let’s getting CRUSHING!

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