20 ways to brighten up your autumn

The clocks are about to go back, the nights have been drawing in for weeks and leaves are forming colourful piles on the ground.

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It’s easy to be gloomy about the cold months ahead, but autumn isn’t all bad.

Why not take the season of change as an opportunity to do something different? Save some money, give yourself some me-time and rediscover the things you love with our 20 ways to brighten up your autumn.

1. Don’t fight over the heating

If you sort yourself out a cheap new energy deal, you won’t have to worry so much about your heating bills when you’re reaching for the thermostat – or finding out your other half already has.

It literally takes minutes and can legitimately save you money.

One in 10 people save up to £670 a year by switching*.

Start here.

2. Treat your feet

Get yourself some new socks. Great big, fluffy, hibernating socks. The kind of socks that won’t let your feet realise the season has changed.

3. Just do one of those things…

You know that massive list of things on your to-do list in your head? Just do one of them. You’re never going to tackle them all – there’s too much to do, so just do the one thing. Do the easiest thing.

Your list is now one thing shorter.

4. Phone your parent/child/sibling

Don’t just send a text or a tweet or a Facebook message. Dust off the old dog and bone and have that catch-up you’re probably overdue.

Bonus points if you used a tethered-to-the-wall landline and have a proper sit-down while you natter.

5. Print some photos

You must have taken some photos this year, but how many have you had printed? They’re probably on your phone, but that phone isn’t going to be around forever, is it?

Print some out and stick them in a frame, a book or your wallet.

6. Bake something

It doesn’t have to be a Paul Hollywood-pleasing showstopper, just roll up your sleeves and mix something together in a bowl. Bang it in the oven and fill your home with amazing smells and warmth.

Plenty of recipes here.

7. Buy someone a gift

Not because it’s their birthday, anniversary or anything – but just because. Again, it doesn’t need to be anything fancy. It can be cheap, something silly or even just one of those seasonal coffees that start appearing this time of year.

8. Go for a walk

As long as it’s dry out there, there’s probably no better time than autumn for a walk in the country. The best walks have those pubs with roaring fireplaces en route, where you can reward yourself with a pint or a hot chocolate.

9. Borrow a dog

If you love dogs but don’t own one, borrow someone else’s using borrowmydoggy.com and experience the joy for a few hours. Even if you don’t borrow one, simply window-shopping on the website is quite fun.


10. Warm your clothes up

If your heating is back on, take advantage of the morning warmth by putting tomorrow’s clothes on the radiator before bed. Getting ready for work is the tiniest bit nicer when your clothes give you a warm hug first thing.

11. Eat some cake

Do you need a reason? Just eat some cake.

12. Have a screen-free evening

Pick up a book, a magazine or your old photo albums instead of watching TV or Netflix for a few hours.

13. Carve a pumpkin…

…even if you don’t have kids badgering you to do it. Be creative and show off your masterpiece in the front window, or in your garden somewhere.

You also might want to use the pumpkin’s innards for number six.

14. Get a house plant

Everything outside might be yellow and brown, but you can bring some greenery back into your life with a nice house plant.

15. Watch some rubbish old TV

Search YouTube for that TV show you used to love and watch a few clips, just for the nostalgia of it.

ITV’s Gladiators totally holds up.

16. Buy a lottery ticket

Yes the odds are nigh-on impossible, but people do win. Fantasising about what you’d do with your winnings is a nice daydream/conversation to have too.

17. Have a bath

Even if you’re not a fan of baths, having one gives you a warm half-hour or so of time to yourself.

If you’re a parent and can’t remember what time to yourself is like, volunteer to do everything that needs doing so your partner can have some peace. They’re sure to return the favour.

18. Ditch the cartridge razor

If you’ve ever switched from one of those brand name, multi-blade razors to a safety razor with replaceable, honest-to-goodness razor blades, you may wonder why nobody ever told you how great it is.

This is me telling you.

You can get a carton of 100 blades for about a fiver that should last you for about a year. There’s also something very therapeutic about using a shaving brush, shaving cream and a sharp razor.

19. Sketch something

Doodling is a great way of switching off your brain for a little while. If you concentrate on whatever you’re sketching, it’s hard to think about all those niggling things.

You don’t need to be good and you don’t need to buy all the kit - a biro and the back of an envelope will do.

20. Go money hunting

Have a look for loose change down your sofa cushions, or dig out your winter coats to see what’s lurking in the pockets from last year.

*10% of customers could save up to £670. MoneySuperMarket Data, May

Please note: any rates or deals mentioned in this article were available at the time of writing. Click on a highlighted product and apply direct.

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