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 In this video we look at some of the benefits of buying bundle TV and broadband deals, and what you should consider when making this decision.

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Well, unfortunately there isn’t a single solution this question, it really does depend on you and your needs.

So, should you take your TV, homephone and broadband from one provider?

Usually though, the rule is that if you take your homephone, broadband and TV from one provider in a ‘bundle’ it will be cheaper than taking broadband and phone from one provider and your TV from another.

That being said it really does depend on what you’re after.

Where do I start?

Start with TV. TV is the most emotive part of the journey here so make sure that you can get the channels you love with your new provider.

For example if you’re a keen fan of the programmes on Sky Atlantic, then it makes sense to start looking at Sky bundles, whereas if you’re a keen admirer of the sport available with BT then it makes sense to take their broadband and get the BT Sport channel.


It’s not about getting the cheapest or most expensive package out there, it’s about getting the right package.

Having 300 channels is great but if you only watch 20 then you’re paying for more than you’re watching.

Broadband speed and allowance

Two important things to remember when looking at bundling your TV and broadband/phone allowance and speed.

If it’s just you and you’re not watching that much TV you could be better off going for a capped data product.

But for anyone with numerous people logged on to the same connection at any one time it’s better to go for an unlimited connection.

Speed wise – take a look at what’s available in your area – if you can get fibre and the cost isn’t prohibitive this will always provide a smoother connection, but if you’re in an area with good ADSL coverage you might not even notice the difference so check with your new provider before you take your new deal.

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