Travel money series: Currency

In part two of our travel money series, we look at buying the local currency before you go...


It’s always wise to have some currency before you travel so that you have it readily available on arrival.

When getting hold of holiday currency the best deals are always found online and some of the best deals out there today are from companies such as Fair FX and Online FX.

You can still use your local high street to access cash or pre-paid cards from the Post Office, travel agents and banks, however you will rarely, if ever, get the best rates of exchange.

Ignore all the advertising smokescreens of offers. Shop around and check who is going to give you the most foreign currency for your pounds after all charges, fees and commissions have been applied. Keep it simple like that and you won't get confused by the deals.

Never ever buy your currency at the airport. You'll pay up to 10% more than the best buys you can find online – which is just like throwing away one ten pound note in every one hundreds that you have. Pre-order your currency online and collect it at the airport or port. You pay the internet rates and get airport collection free of charge PLUS you can order for same day pick up. Both Travelex and Thomas Cook offer this scheme.

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