Travel money series: Credit or debit card

In the third and final part of our travel money series, we look at using your credit or debit cards abroad...


This may be one of the easiest ways to get access to your holiday money. However, it could turn out to be one of the most expensive.

Banks, building societies and credit card companies add transaction fees as well as currency fees to the cost of the goods you’ve purchased, making them more expensive than they would have been already.

And if you use credit cards to take cash from a hole in the wall then you'll pay interest from day one, as well making it even more expensive.

We recommend that you obtain one of the market-leading credit cards for overseas usage. They are great for your bigger purchases such as hotel bills, shopping bills, restaurant bills etc. Not only that, they use the market leading Visa and Mastercard exchange rates, giving you a really good deal all round.

The Sainsbury’s Gold card is currently the best deal on the market as it is free to use overseas and it’s the only card where you can get cash out from a hole in the wall without paying interest – just make sure you pay your bill off in full.

Other best buys are the Santander Zero card, Halifax Clarity card, Nationwide credit card, Post Office Platinum and Saga Platinum.

Just remember to be careful with your cards and don’t let them out of your sight when paying for goods or using an ATM.

It’s also good to keep a copy of your card numbers and emergency numbers separate to your card, just in case you need any help while you’re away.

So, wherever you go this summer make sure that you get the most for your hard earned cash.

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