Travel insurance mini-series: purchasing

In Part 6 we look what the best way of searching for travel insurance, and buying once you've chosen your policy...


How do I buy my policy?

We recommend that you use our online comparison tool to find the best policy for you.  Our tip here is to do this as soon as you book your trip to ensure that you have cancellation cover from day one, which can prevent you losing your holiday money before you have even travelled.

Check through all the policies on offer, making note of the small print, the excess levels, and what you are covered for.  When you find a policy that is suits your personal needs, click through online and buy your product.

Once you have bought that you will receive confirmation email and you will also be able to printout your policy or leave a copy secure online.

Top tip - Spend some time giving it a good read. You are then aware of exactly what you are and are not covered for.  And if something is not right for you, you can cancel your policy within fourteen days if you have not started your travel and obtain a full refund.

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