Travel insurance mini-series: pricing

In Part 2 we look at the different elements that affect the price you pay, and how you can reduce it...

So how do prices work on travel insurance?

It’s really quite simple. The further you are travelling away, the longer you’re away from home, the more expensive the policy will be.

So worldwide cover is more expensive than European, and cover for a period of up to say, a month, is going to be more expensive than a weekend away.

A top tip when buying travel insurance is to buy a policy for a couple or a family when you live at the same address. This is usually cheaper than buying individual policies.

Secondly the price of your policy will depend on what you are getting cover for, and also the value of excess you’re willing to pay should you need to make a claim.

Our tip here is that if a policy is cheap, then it will have a low level of cover and a high excess. So unless you want to keep costs down low and have a minimum level of cover, then opt for a more expensive policy to give you greater levels of protection.

Your age will also affect the price of your policy and in fact some companies start to the cost of policies to people from as low as 55 years of age.

And once you reach 65+ you can expect premiums to be up to three times as much. However it is so vital to ensure that you have cover when you travel, and you can find policies to suit that will not break the bank.

However ensure that you have a good quality policy and that you have declared any medical conditions.  Our tip here is to accept higher levels of excess to get your premiums down.

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