Travel insurance mini-series: policy types

In Part 1 we look at the different types of policy available to individuals, couples and families...

Whether you are travelling on the holiday of a lifetime, a quick weekend away or anything in between, savvy holidaymakers always travel with good quality travel insurance.

But how do you know what to buy and what should you look out for when selecting your policy? Our quick guide will answer some of your top questions.

Different types of policies

There are three main types of policy:

Single trip

For one trip away from a couple of days up to around a month. These are ideal for those who travel infrequently.

Annual multi trip

For several trips a year, each one lasting from two days up to around one month maximum. These policies are ideal for those who travel at least two times a year and can save you money on your insurance premiums when you travel regularly.

Long stay or backpacker polices

They’re not just for back packers – these are policies designed for those travelling away from the UK for more than one month in duration and can be bought to last for up to a year.  Ideal for those planning gap years, back packing trips or any form of extended trip abroad.

Location, location, location

The second thing to consider is location. Single trips are usually for a specific countries, though if you check the details of the policy you’ll find that they generally cover you for a whole group of countries.

Annual multi trips and backpacker/long stay policies are bought for a region, typically Europe or World wide, as you’re likely to travel to different countries during period of your policy.
If you do want a worldwide cover, but don’t plan to travel to the USA, Canada or a Caribbean island, then you can buy a world wide policy that specifically excludes these countries and safe a few pounds on the cost of the policy.

Don’t forget about cover for trips in the UK and in particular for the Channel Islands where you don’t get NHS cover for medical treatment.

Number of people

The third thing to consider is who is this for -you can buy independent policies, a couples policy (which will be cheaper than two independent policies though general you have to be living at the same address to qualify), or a family policy which again will be cheaper than buying a number of individual policies.

Level of Cover

The fourth and final thing you need to consider is what cover level you want… this covers a whole array of things from personal liability and medical expenses through to covering your golf clubs. The most common things the people look out for is adding on cover for winter sports you are a skier or snow boarder.  And if you are planning on taking a cruise, then this is often treated as an additional premium for most policies so use our filter system to make sure you’re buying a policy that covers you for cruises.

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