Travel insurance mini-series: medical

In Part 5 we look at the medical side of travel insurance, and what you should inform the insurance company if you have any specific concerns...

So, what if you have any medical conditions?

If you have been treated for anything at all – however minor – in the last few years, it is always worth checking the details in the medical section on your policy for advice.

When buying a policy using our on-line comparison tool you will be presented with a screen that highlight the provider’s level of cover for pre-existing medical conditions and some provider do cover low level conditions in the basic product. You may need to complete an online screening form or in some cases, telephone your company in order to obtain clearance for medical cover.  They will then either extend cover to you, sometimes with an additional premium or decline cover for your particular condition.

Don’t forget your EHIC card.

If you are travelling within Europe, you should apply for a free EHIC card from the NHS.

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