Travel insurance mini-series: details

In Part 4 we look at the other policy details you can include and tweak...

When looking at the policy details you will also see a huge range of other items on many policies, categories such as lost passport, legal expenses, catastrophe cover, curtailment, personal accident and other items like that. Having these there really gives you that belt and braces feel to the policy to give you ultimate protection.

Each policy will give details of the cover for each section, what is and isn’t excluded in each category and will also tell you what the excess level is on that part of the policy.

If you are buying your travel insurance right at the last moment you can actually opt to deselect cancellation cover, because let’s face it you are not going to cancel at that stage probably so you can save yourself a little bit of money.

Another way you can keep your premiums down is personal baggage items are covered under your house insurance policy for when you are away from home, you may be able to take that out of your travel insurance policy and instead claim on your house insurance, however, be aware that that could affect your home insurance premiums and you would need to read the small print of you home insurance policy carefully.  

Top tip – opt for policies with lower excess levels to ensure you can make claims for any small amounts or opt for policies with higher excess to keep the cost of a policy down.  Our recommendation is to choose policies with an excess of £100 or lower as you will have to foot this first part of any claim you make.

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