Travel insurance mini-series: cover

In Part 3 we look at the standard cover you can expect to get with a travel insurance policy, and also give our tips on the basic level of cover you should be aiming for...


So what do you actually get with your travel insurance policy?

Every travel insurance company has a number of items that you are covered for, and then policies vary based on additional items that they may want to offer you - in other words, greater protection -  OR the actual levels of cover that they’re giving you – so how much they’re going to cover you for within each section.

We recommend that when looking for your policy that you go for the following minimum levels:

Medical cover of £2million pounds including air ambulance back to the UK

Cancellation cover of up to or higher than the total value of your planned holiday. Note that cover is, in most cases, per person so if you’re going on a £3,000 holiday and there are two of you, for most policies you’ll only need £1,500 worth of cover. Please remember to consider all aspects of your holiday - for example, have you pre-paid for any activities whilst on holiday?

Personal liability cover of a minimum of £1 million.

Baggage or “Personal belongings” cover up the value of the personal items you’re bringing. If you are bringing expensive items such as laptops or cameras make sure you look at the single item and valuables limit on the policy as many insurers cap the amount you can claim for any one item. Insurers also limit the amount of cash you can claim for.

Next look for travel delay cover.

Finally there are two other items. The first one is catastrophe cover – this is good for for unexpected natural events such as the recent ash clouds and earthquakes.

And then secondly look for end supplier failure – this is excellent if you are not taking an ATOL backed packaged holiday and you’re worried about any part of your holiday falling apart due to a company collapse.

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