Travel insurance mini-series: claims

In Part 7 we look at the what happens if you need to make a claim on your travel insurance...

What should I take with me when I travel?

If anything should happen while you are away or even before you travel and you think you may need to make a claim, then check your policy for details and if you are in any doubt at all contact the emergency number to seek advice. You may need to obtain receipts, police reports or follow procedures to make a successful claim. So, spend a little bit of time checking that information to avoid costly mistakes.

We always recommend that you have a physical copy of your travel insurance policy with you or store a copy online so can you access anywhere in the world from a pc.

In addition take a note of your policy number and your emergency contact information and keep this with you at all times.  It is also wise to leave a copy at home with friends or relatives in case they should need to act on your behalf.

Travelling should be a wonderful experience for all of us, and ideally completely free from worry. So, really do spend a bit of time investing in getting the right policy for you in order to protect yourself and that time will reap huge benefits if anything untoward should happen.

So, enjoy your holidays, travel safely and with complete peace with of mind with a travel insurance product.

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