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Now is the best time to start planning your 2013 holiday - so here our are top tips to help you snap up a deal and save money

With Christmas and New Year celebrations over, now is the best time to get planning your 2013 holiday. And having something exciting to look forward to over the cold winter months is just the ticket to keep you going until summer.

So what’s the best way to snap up a deal?

Get planning

  • Make of list of what all of your group need from your holiday
  • Decide on the time of year to travel and how long you can go for
  • Set a budget
  • Make a list of possible destinations

Do your research

  • Ask friends, family and connections on social networks for recommendations
  • Get online to check key facts about your destination
  • Look at guide books, online destination guides, travel magazines and review websites for inspiration
  • Narrow down your destinations and discuss them with the people you are travelling with
  • If you need help, speak with a travel agent

Compare prices

  • Get online and compare the prices of both package holidays as well as separate flights and accommodation deals
  • You can use TravelSupermarket’s Holiday vs Holiday function to find out where your money can take you – you may be surprised
  • Note which options can be booked with just a deposit and which require full payment
  • Once you find some options within your budget, compare accommodation and board types to see what is the best value for money

Review your options

  • Check that the options you have found will fit your original needs.
  • Check out hotel reviews online before you book

Follow our three golden rules when booking:

  • Where possible, book an ATOL-backed package for the ultimate protection
  • If you can’t, take out an insurance policy with End Supplier Failure to cover you if an element of your trip goes wrong
  • Pay by credit card where possible to have protection under the Consumer Credit Act for goods over £100 OR pay by VISA or MasterCard debit card for charge back protection.
  • NEVER pay by cash or cheque, you will have NO protection 

And now you’re booked! Let the holiday countdown begin!

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