Top toys for kids this Christmas

With the Toy Retailers Association naming its 'Dream Dozen','s shopping manager, Simon James, went to to talk to Sally Bostock about what these 'Dream Dozen' toys are...

Simon James: Christmas is coming and times are hard for all of us, so we have got to make sure that the presents we buy are the right ones.

Now to help you out the Toy Retailers Association has announced it’s “dream dozen” for this year. Those are the 12 must-have toys this Christmas so we have come to to talk to Sally Bostock about what those toys are and who they are going to make great gifts for.

Sally Bostock: These are some of the most sought-after presents this year. We want   to help you guys out there with your Christmas shopping, so these are what we think kids are really going to be wanting this Christmas.

The first one I wanted to show you today was this fantastic Sylvanian Families - one of the most popular brand characters out there, and what we think is going to sell really well this Christmas is the caravan and car set. Now, little girls are going to love this, the attention to detail is fantastic, it comes with loads of little accessories.

Another favorite for boys: Transformers! We have got a collection of figures available. All different characters from the Transformers movie 2 and theyt retails at £23, so a nice price point for what you get - loads of detail - this one actually converts into a Satellite! 

The Battle Striker starter set: this really is going to be on a lot of boys’ wish lists this Christmas. As I say this is the starter pack and it retails at £10, so a great price point. In this pack is enough for one player.

Tightrope Terror: Boys are going to love it, if they like cars, if they like stunts. These cars can race along a tightrope of up to 10 feet long, so they can challenge their friends to see which car will race the furthest along it, it’s really good and it retails at £23.

Monopoly 3D it’s called, and it’s all about being a property developer. You work your way around the board like you have always done, but the whole thing of the game is that you build hotels, you build skyscrapers but you have to be aware that one of your opponents builds a sewerage works next to your hotel and your property prices fall, but a really great new version of the much loved game and that retails at £30.

V-Tech Kiddizoom camera - this comes in blue or pink, so appropriate for boys or girls, £50, its one of the more expensive presents but its fantastic value for money, its so durable and easy to use. It’s got the double view finder - so really easy for kids to use – it’s more appropriate for younger kids. We have had feedback saying it’s going to turn their children into the next David Bailey. It’s so easy to use and so much fun, they can take pictures, they can take videos, they can edit their pictures and put effects on once they have taken the picture. It links into TV or computer, so they can view the picture and print them out, but just really great fun.

Well this is tipped to be the number one best selling toy this Christmas. It’s a Go-Go Hamster! Four to collect, better then a real Hamster, no mess, little interactive – press his little nose; he’ll rush round the table and he’s really sweet. So many kids want these - as soon as they are coming in the door they are selling out so when you see one of these, buy it quick! They are selling like hot cakes.

Simon James: Ok Sally thanks very much for that. Now, if you have one piece of advice to give consumers this Christmas, what would it be?

SB: Defiantly shop early. Go online, see what is out there – there are loads of offers and promotions on. These are so wanted these toys, so really shop early, go online now. 

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