Top toys for Christmas 2013

With the expense and mad rush of Christmas just around the corner, how will you meet the cost of this year’s must-have toys? Les Roberts explains your options from London’s 2013 Dream Toy event…

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Les Roberts: Me and turtles are here at the 2013 Dream toy awards to see what kids are going to want in their stocking this year and we are also going to look at ways you can cover the cost of Christmas.

Top toys on display this year ranged from the Zelfs, which cost £5.99 each, to the LeapPad Ultra which will set you back £119.99 – so all budgets are catered for. Among our favourites were the BopIt Tetris, the Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS 18 and the Furby Boom! looks set to be a big seller.

If you’re struggling to find the things you want in your local toy shop, you should try to buy online – this market now accounts for 33% of all UK toy sales and is sometimes cheaper than the high street.

No one wants to get into the debt to cover the cost of Christmas, so if you have saved up all year for the occasion, then use your savings, if you do have to take out credit however, be realistic, don’t over spend and spread the cost of your purchases with a 0% purchase credit card, this mean you can do your spending without having to worry about interest for a few months

Great Britain is Europe’s largest toy market, worth around £3billion – that works out at roughly £312 per child – and a whopping £1billion of this is spent during the run up to Christmas.

Don’t just take a toys RRP (Recommended Retail Price) at face value, there are some great deals to be had if you shop around, especially online, and make sure you get in early and do your shopping early, you don’t want to be running around at the last minute and going on auction sites, you’ll pay a fortune.

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