Top 16 apps to get you through Christmas

We’ve been busy at MoneySuperMarket rounding up the top apps to get you in an ‘appy mood this Yuletide. No more puns, we promise (they’re not very punny anyway!)

From calculating cooking times for your turkey to keeping the kids quiet – to finding someone to have it all with – we’ve got the best apps for a raft of different Christmas-related needs. Take a look and see which ones you’re likely to download.

For boredom-busting

1. Dumb ways to die 2: The Games

£££: Free for iOS and Android devices

If you’ve had enough of the family by Boxing Day, this popular app – which challenges you to avoid your ghosts of Christmases past – will keep you entertained and firmly in the Christmas spirit.
2. Circle Pong!

£££: Free for iOS devices, not available for Android

The concept is simple, but why is it so addictive?! Circle Pong! involves moving sliders to prevent a ball escaping from the circle in the middle of your screen. That’s it!


Travel organisers

3. National Rail Enquires

£££: Free for iOS and Android devices

We know Christmas train travel can be a nightmare – so why walk blindly into it when you can download the National Rail app for free? Check for delays, service updates and up-to-minute information on arrivals and departures BEFORE you leave the house laden down with clobber.
4. Google Maps app

£££: Free for iOS and Android devices

You can do anything travel-related with this handy app, from working out the best road route to finding the nearest supermarket (that’s open) to your location.

For getting in the Christmas spirit

5. Elf Yourself by Office Depot

£££: Free for iOS and Android devices

Make use of your downtime at work by transforming yourself (and your friends) in to an all-singing, all-dancing troupe of festive elves. For purposes of research, I’ve embarrassed myself with a demonstration. Click on the video below.

6. Countdown to Christmas

£££: Free for iOS and Android devices

Not sure how many sleeps are left until Christmas? This app lets you see to the minute how long is left until Santa shows up. You don’t even have to have kids.

For cooking

7. Time to roast

£££: £1.49 from the Apple App Store

Turkey cooking times can be a minefield, especially after a few glasses of early morning Bucks Fizz. But with this app, you can simply tap in the weight of your bird, and the cooking time and temperature is worked out for you.

8. Cookit Lite

£££: £1.49 from the Apple App Store 

Elected chief cook this Christmas? This super-helpful app lets you input all the components of your roast – and creates a countdown timer for when each needs to be taken out of the oven. No more burnt pigs in blankets, hurrah!

For help securing a New Year’s Eve kiss


£££: Free for iOS and Android devices

According to dating websites, 5.18pm on Boxing Day is the busiest minute of the year if you WLTM (would love to meet) someone special with a GSOH (do we need to spell this one out?). It’s also high time for a break from the leftovers. So get downloading singles!

For keeping yourself in check

10. Calorie Counter

£££: Free for iOS and Android devices

Tot up your calorie intake with this convenient calculator. (Convenient, that is, if you really want to see your festive decadence broken down in terms of calories.)

11. Drink Aware

£££: Free for iOS devices

Keep an eye on your unit intake with the Drink Aware app. From a tipple of sherry to a glug of egg nog, it’s an easy way to establish that – actually – you’d better leave the car behind.

For keeping the kids quiet

12. Kids Doodle

£££: Free for iOS and Android devices

Get the kids to show off their creative sides with the arty app. They can draw their own Christmas trees and pictures with an array of tools and colour palettes.

13. Frozen Free Fall

£££: Free for iOS and Android devices

There’s no escaping the popularity of all things Frozen this year.  This jam-packed app features a range of games with characters from the film and even has its own take on the classic game of Bejewelled. 

For games and quizzes that don’t involve the loft

14. Logo Quiz

£££: Free for iOS and Android devices

Test your consumer knowledge with this addictive logo picture quiz. Sometimes the answers are not as easy as you think, so don’t ‘go loco’ over logos!

15. Guess the movie

£££: Free for iOS and Android devices

Christmas is perfect time for catching up on some classic films – but that doesn’t mean you have to actually watch them. See which family members are quizzing heroes and which are quiz-time zeros with this great Guess the Movie app.

16. Song Pop

£££: Free for iOS and Android devices.

In the words of Olivia Newton John, ‘Let’s get quizzical’ – and, in fact, this very song features on the app. See who’s first in the family to get the name of the pop song – just from hearing a snippet.

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