Top 5 tips on moving home

Kevin Pratt offers tips on the finances of moving home

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Itemise your expenses

It’s best to sit down and take some time with a pen and paper and jot down all the different items that might be a drain on your expenses

Insure your belongings

When you are in the process of moving from one property to the other one, you need insurance protection for your belongings in case something happens  en route so talk to the removal firm to check that there is cover in place. And if you are doing the move yourself,  in a van or a car or whatever it might be, check with your insurance policy to see that it covers you en route between the two destinations.

Get buildings insurance when you exchange

When it comes to buildings insurance, make sure that you’ve got cover in place from the moment that you exchange contracts, because that is when take legal responsibility for the building.  And if anything goes  to the building before you move in, you’d be responsible for the costs of putting it right.

Notify change of address

One thing people  forget when they move house, and I’ve done this myself is to tell their financial product providers, their bank, their building society their insurance companies their credit card companies about their change of  address. Now it’s really important to do that because you don’t want sensitive mail going to your old property where you don’t know who is looking at it and you need to get the information to the new address so that you’re paying your bills on time and you are up to date with all your finances. So, make a note of all the products you’ve got, so insurance, credit cards, bank statements and building society statements anything you can think of. Especially your car, it’s really important that you get your car insured at your new address because that could make a difference to your premium and it could also invalidate your cover if you are not insured at the right address

Sort your contents insurance

When you are arranging your contents insurance, it is important that you include everything you own, so that’s everything from your white goods in your kitchen,  your fridge freezer, your cooker, your washing machine, through to the carpets, the curtains, the clothes you own, everything. And don’t forget stuff in the garden as well because we often have a bit of expensive kit outside whether it is a barbecue, the power tools in the shed or a bike leaning against the garden fence. Make sure that they’re all included in your contents policy so if something does go wrong, you know you’re going to get the right amount of pay out.

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