Top five fuel-efficient cars

Check out these five fuel-efficient cars to see why you don’t have to sacrifice style or performance to get a healthy MPG...

With petrol prices spiraling out of control, it’s no wonder motorists are looking at more cost effective ways of getting from A to B. Hybrids are rapidly becoming the more popular choice, with the blend of electric power for city driving, and a traditional combustion engine for more spirited driving.

But what are the options if you’re looking for a full electric, or part electric part petrol power train?

Toyota Prius

There’s no question that Toyota Prius is a runaway marketing success. It was the first 4 door family car to feature a petrol electric power train. It’s a big hit with Hollywood A-listers who want to show their green credentials. It’ll return around 70.6 miles per gallon, with emissions as low as 92 grams per kilometer; making it road tax exempt.

Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid

At the other end of the scale is the Porsche Panamera Hybrid. Now a Porsche is more commonly associated with high performance sports cars, so a hybrid version of this 4 door saloon is a real departure for the brand. Its capable of a 0-60 mph dash in under 6 seconds while emitting just 71 grams per hour of CO2, making it roughly the same to run a BMW 320 D. Not bad for a 410 brake horse power, super charged V6.

BMW i3

Porsche isn’t the only premium German brand dabbling in eco-friendly motoring however. BMW has expanded its line up with this; the i3. The all electric run about that’s causing stirs in the electric vehicle world. Powered by a 168 brake horse power electric motor, it’s good for about 80-125 miles on the full charge depending on driving styles.

Peugeot 3008

Peugeot on the other hand has expanded its eco line up with a diesel hybrid and its crossover, the 3008. Badged the HYbrid 4, it combines diesel power driven through the front wheels and electric rear axle giving its part time four wheel drive. Official figures claim a combined economy of 70.5 miles per gallon, although real world driving is going to be close to about 45 miles per gallon.

Toyota Yaris

And we finish with another Toyota, the more compact Yaris hybrid. When parked next to its more established sibling, it’s smaller, cleaner, and cheaper too. It does everything you could ask of a super mini, while maintaining an average fuel economy of over 80 miles per gallon, making it perfect sense for the cost- conscious motorist.

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