Tips to sell your home

Trying to sell your home? Here's some simple tips you should follow...

First impressions are really important.

Take what happened just then, for example. You probably thought I was some sort of deskless newsreader, didn’t you? The same theory applies to selling your house. Did you know that most buyers make up their mind about a property within 30 seconds of viewing it?

You’d be amazed at what a difference getting rid of all your clutter makes.

But at the same time it needs to look lived in, so that the prospective buyer can imagine their future self spending some quality time there –sharing a calzone with pals perhaps, or counseling an elderly neighbour.

And whilst you are an individual and as such your taste may not appeal to everyone, some things in life are universal. Like cut flowers.

Or the smell of bread, baking in the oven.

Or the aroma of freshly made coffee.

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