How to get a faster broadband speed

Not getting the best bang for your buck on your broadband? Kevin Pratt suggests how to boost your speed...

Kevin Pratt: OK – let’s talk about improving your broadband speed in several easy steps. There are two sides to the coin, inside your house and outside your house.

Outside your house, you’re talking about the quality of service you receive from your provider, and if you’re not happy with that service, then you can talk to your provider about improving it. But if you’re still not happy you can change provider to someone who can promise you a faster broadband speed.

Once we get inside your house you need to think about your computer equipment. Now, if you have got an old computer, it probably runs slow broadband speed. Even if you’ve got a reasonably new one you might still need to refresh the software to make sure it is optimised for today’s speeds.

Whichever computer you’ve got, make sure your antivirus software is fully up to date as that will protect you from the nasty things that float around the internet and use up all your bandwidth.

If you’ve got broadband you’ll have something called a ‘router’, and that connects your computer to the internet. Now, the quality of the router has a lot to do with the speed of broadband that you can get.

You’ll probably receive a router when you sign up for broadband deal but it might not be the best on the market, so think of upgrading and you might get faster speed.

If you’ve got a wireless router, then the distance between your router and your computer is crucially important – and the shorter the distance, the better!

Also, the fewer obstructions between the router and the computer the better – that means things like walls and even things such as furniture.

And I know routers don’t look great, but don’t stick it in the cupboard because it will only slow it down.

If you are still having problems with your wireless router, think about using a cable. I know it sounds strange in these days but a cable – an ethernet cable especially – will be much faster.

Finally one thing that can really slow down your broadband is the number of people who are using it in your house, so the fewer users at any one time, the faster the broadband will be.

The more people using the system, doing different things in different rooms, you just have to accept that it’s going to be a bit slower.

One thing that’s really important is to have a security password so that other people outside your house can’t piggy back off your system and pinch your broadband.

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