3 reasons why a small energy firm might be best

In this video, our head of energy Stephen Murray will help you understand why picking a small energy firm  to supply your gas and electricity might be best for your pocket...

Stephen Murray: When you run a quote to find a better energy deal than the one you are on now, there is a good chance that an unfamiliar name might pop up on your results table.

Understandably, you might prefer to stick with a familiar brand, even paying a bit more for the priviliege. But we reckon that would be a mistake and here is why...

1.       They’re often cheaper than the big 6 Six energy firms, that’s British Gas, EDF, Eon, nPower, Scottish Power and SSE

2.       The energy regulator Ofgem vets all the electricity and gas suppliers in Great Britain so smaller companies follow exactly the same rules as the big 6. They are just as safe and secure as each other.

You’ll get exactly the same gas and electricity out of the same pipes and wires as you do at present. So, you can switch to any company that comes up on your quote with complete confidence.

* 51% could save at least £180, MoneySuperMarket Data, June 2014

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