The sale bargains you could do without

We’re all just catching our breath following a month of retail festive frenzy, and what happens? Stores and shops want us to get straight back out there to spend what little money we might have left in the January sales.

Everyone loves a bargain. But even when there are genuine deals to be had, shopping in the sales can quickly become a crash course in how to spend money you don’t necessarily have on things you don’t necessarily need. And, as we demonstrate below, sometimes retailers don't even bother trying!

In a bid to escape from the January sales madness, here at MoneySuperMarket we've launched our This is Not a Sale campaign which - refreshingly - rounds up the very best credit card and loan deals we stock on our shelves ALL the year round.

In the meantime, check out these EPIC sale fails!

Well, it has been reduced…

 …which is more than can be said for this!

When less literally is more!

One price fits all.

Not the most tempting offer, but at least it adds up…

…unlike this offer!

Almost as if they’ve done the haggling for you (and what is that? An iron, or a way of life?).

What’s worse – the footwear or the discount?!

They should have just canned this offer


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