The talktalk of the town again

Sometimes an offer comes along that seems just too good to refuse - and that was certainly the case in April 2006, when TalkTalk launched its 'free broadband' offer.

The only problem was that very few of us did refuse the offer – which led to an overwhelming number of sign-ups that left TalkTalk reeling as it struggled to cope with the sheer volume of customers wishing to migrate to its service.

Fast-forward a year on, and despite an influx of new providers into the broadband market, TalkTalk remains the cheapest broadband/phone service in the UK.

The only difference is that now TalkTalk is not just better equipped to cope with new customers, but it is earning recognition for its improved customer service.

For a start it’s decided to phase out the Talk3 free broadband offer to new subscribers and focus on offering Talk3 International with free broadband.

It has also made a series of changes, which make it even more attractive than before. For a start it’s now cheaper, being £8.99 for the first 3 months and £9.99 thereafter. The cost of the line monthly rental is now cheaper at £10.50 per month too and you can get a half price wireless router for £29.99.

I would strongly advise those who previously crossed TalkTalk off the list of prospective broadband providers to reconsider this deal, because not only is it the cheapest – the company is now award-winning.

TalkTalk was recently acclaimed by the market research firm YouGov as the number one landline company in the UK, both for overall customer satisfaction and for value for money.

In addition, the company was examined by Epitiro, a highly-regarded independent organisation which measures internet performance. Its own testing in the first quarter of 2007 ranked TalkTalk among the top five internet service providers in terms of its overall service, the first time it has reached that position.

In fact, the company had the lowest percentage of connection failures in the first quarter of 2007, which suggests its customers had the highest degree of uptime.

A year ago, TalkTalk attempted to steal a march on the broadband industry with its headline grabbing offer and ultimately it paid the price for success. However, it now appears the company is successfully turning itself around and the results are paying off. So why not give them another look?

DISCLAIMER: Please note that any rates or deals mentioned in this article applied at the time of writing and may no longer be available/applicable today.

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