The handset revolution is coming

According to its marketing campaign, Apple has 'reinvented the mobile phone' with the development of its much-hyped iPhone.

It’s a bold statement but one that most of its early customers (the phone was launched in the US several months ago) seem to agree with.

Now we have a chance to find out for ourselves, as this innovative handset is to be launched in the UK on 9 November.

Although its initial availability will be limited to O2 and Carphone Warehouse, is in the special position of being able to list both companies’ direct deals.

By using to secure the iPhone you have many advantages – our mobile phone comparison tool will allow you to compare thousands of deals head-to-head with the iPhone in minutes. You can also search based on your usage so you can quickly find the best iPhone deal based on the number of minutes and texts you use in a month.

If you are interested in the iPhone, you can pre-register for information now. We’ll keep you posted through Rate Alert on the latest details surrounding this offer, right up to its launch date. And we aim to be able to ‘enhance’ whatever iPhone deal you choose through our site.

Certainly the iPhone will turn heads. It combines three products into one – a mobile phone, a widescreen iPod and an internet device.

The phone is easy to use with calls made simply by tapping in a name, while the iPod feature also has touch controls on an impressive 3.5” display. The web browser comes from Safari – the most advanced available on any portable device, making web surfing and emailing easier than ever.

The only major concern surrounding the iPhone is the price: the dearest O2 contract, albeit one offering 1,200 minutes of airtime and 600 text messages a month, plus unlimited mobile broadband, could cost £660 a year – and that’s before paying £279 for the phone itself.

The cheapest service, however, is O2’s monthly £35 tariff and that also includes unlimited mobile broadband.

Clearly the iPhone, at least initially, will appeal to consumers for whom money isn’t really an object. If you prefer to find a handset that more adequately suits your budget then head over to our mobile phones section now and use our budgetary search – and don’t forget our upgrade offer which allows you to keep your existing number, pick the handset you want and potentially earn a tariff discount.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that any rates or deals mentioned in this article applied at the time of writing and may no longer be available/applicable today.

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