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It may not have been the iPhone 5 that fans were hoping for, but the iPhone 4S has created the usual new-Apple-product hype with its new bells and whistles.

From its upgraded camera and processor to its futuristic new voice recognition personal assistant, Siri, the phone is bound to fly off the shelves come October 14.

Whether you’re an Apple devotee clamouring for the chance to get your hands on the new handset or your contract is due to expire and you’re just in the market for something new – here’s how to get the best deal on Apple’s new toy.


Three’s ‘SIM only’ iPhone deal will cost you £15 a month for 300 minutes, 3000 texts and unlimited data usage.

You have to buy the phone up-front though, and the 16GB handset will set you back £499. The prices for the 32 and 64GB models are £599 and £699 respectively.

Once you factor in the monthly charges (based on owning the phone for 12 months), the real cost of the handsets are £679 for the 16GB, £779 for the 32GB and £879 for the largest memory 64GB model.

The great thing about Three’s deal is that you’re not tied down a contract, so you can get out whenever you like.

If you’re the sort of person who upgrades each time Apple brings out a new model, this tariff might be for you – as you won’t be tied into a contract when the iPhone 5 is inevitably released.

Sliding scale

Orange’s iPhone 4S deals work on a sliding scale whereby the more you are willing to pay each month, the less you’ll have to pay up-front for the handset.

For example, on the £20 a month tariff (over two years), the 16GB model will cost you £309.99, whereas you can get the handset for free if you are willing to pay more than £46 each month.

Of course the more you pay the more you get in return. The £20 a month contract only gives you 50 minutes, 50 texts and 100MB data allowance, while the £61 a month tariff, for example, gives you unlimited minutes and texts and up to 2GB data allowance.


Vodafone operates its tariffs in a similar way, which means you’ll need to spend at least £46 a month to get the handset for free. The network is a little more generous with its data allowances, as the lowest tariff (£26 a month) gives you a 250MB allowance.

Vodafone’s monthly charges range from £26 to £67 a month, and contracts are available in 24 month, 18 month and even 12 month deals, though you can expect to pay more for a shorter contract.

'Siri’-ous Texter?

Horrendous puns aside, all of T-Mobile’s 4S tariffs come with unlimited texts, so if you mainly use your phone for texting it might be a good fit.

Tariffs start at £25.54 a month with a handset cost of £239 and go up to £61.27 a month with a free handset. All of T-Mobile’s 4S tariffs are for 24 months.


Three’s tariffs come in 5 simple flavours, ranging from £30 a month to £43 a month, and with the 16GB handset costing between nothing and £129. Data allowances are fairly generous, with the lowest tariff giving you 500MB a month.



O2 has the widest range of tariffs to choose from, starting from as low as £18.50 a month with a handset cost of at least £299.99 on a 24 month contract.

If you want a free handset then you’ll fall into one of two camps. If you’re an existing O2 customer you can start getting the handset free at £39 a year. If you’re new to O2 then you’ll have to spend at least £44 to get the 16GB for free.

O2 has too many tariffs to mention here, but as long as you’re spending at least £24 each month you’ll get unlimited texts. Again there are 18 and 12 month tariffs available, but you can expect to pay more for the privilege.

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