Tesco broadband or Blinkbox user? Your TalkTalk questions answered

TalkTalk, the broadband provider, has bought Tesco’s broadband channel.


It is expected that 95,000 customers, including 75,000 broadband and 20,000 home phone customers, will switch from Tesco to TalkTalk from spring 2015 onwards.

TalkTalk has also acquired Tesco’s Blinkbox TV service, which lets users watch films and TV series on demand. Around 400,000 Blinkbox customers will transfer to TalkTalk.
So what does this mean for Tesco customers? Here are the answers to key questions…

Will I notice any changes?

Tesco has confirmed that its mobile phone network will continue to operate as normal.

When will I switch from Tesco Broadband & Homephone to TalkTalk?

The switchover will take place from spring 2015, and that all accounts will be transferred to TalkTalk within a year.

Will my price change?

Because you have signed up to a contract, the price you pay for your Tesco Broadband will not change. Once the transition between Tesco Broadband and TalkTalk is complete, TalkTalk will be able to offer all customers new products and services, though you will be sent more information about this as and when it happens.

Can I cancel my contract with Tesco Broadband?

If you do not want to move to TalkTalk, remember that the terms of your original contract with Tesco Broadband & Homephone will still apply. As per your original agreement, you are free to leave your contract, though cancellation fees could be levied.

How can I find out more?

Tesco will be sending all of its customers a full description of the changeover and how it could affect you.

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