10 Thoughts:

When your broadband goes down

South Korea and Singapore host the world’s fastest broadband, but the UK has got a fair way to go until we reach such standards. Until then, all we can do is deal with the broadband we have in the classic, British way…


1. The feeling of superiority as you show off your techie skills by restarting the router. Simple, yet effective. 


2. Followed by the bafflement when it doesn’t work… 


3. The panic starts to set in as you stare at the router and pretend to look like you know what you’re doing… 


4. Then say… “I should start making plans and actually do stuff.”


5. Maybe I’ll Google how to fix it. OH WAIT.


6. You call up your internet provider and the solution they reveal is… something you’ve already tried.


7. Maybe it’s time to venture outside and soak in some nature...?


8. Something is definitely happening right now that I need to know about, BUT I CAN’T INTERNET.


9. You begin to realise how reliant you are on Wi-Fi, and feel appalled.


10. Just in the middle of your meltdown, your router blinks back to life.  


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