10 Thoughts:

While on a long car journey

It all began from the day the post arrived that quiet Wednesday morning. The wedding invite, popped through the letterbox. Your second cousin is getting married somewhere you’ve never even heard of and it will no doubt be hellish on the roads, probably rain, and you’ve got to book the dog into the kennels. And that’s not even the worst part. Hello, long car journey.


1. You start your day off with questionable optimism. 


2. Which is obviously short lived: “Did I lock the back door?”


3. It’s in these long hours you realise that good music has since died.


4. “Why did I agree to this?”


5. The feeling of queasiness and regret post service-station snacks.


6. Struggling with Eye Spy after ‘car’, ‘lorry’, ‘tree’, and ‘road’ have already been done.


7.  Apparently indicating isn’t a ‘thing’ anymore…


8. Surprisingly, arguing with the Sat-Nav doesn’t make you get there quicker.


9. “Are you alright at the back? Do you want me to wind my window up?” 


10. Feeling ABSOLUTELY DRAINED upon arriving, even though you’ve spent the whole day sat down. 


One less thing to worry about

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