10 Thoughts:

When you have a week before pay-day

You can see the finish line, you’ve just got this last stretch to go until payday…


1. What can I sell that I don’t need anymore?


2. You have no money, so OF COURSE now is the time you find that item you can’t stop thinking about. 


3. Profusely apologising to the shop keeper as you unload all of your change on their till.


4.  You go into partial-hibernation.


5. Your packed lunch for work is the saddest it’s ever been. 


6.  Some denial sets in. I MUST HAVE BEEN DEFRAUDED. 


7. The weird, abandoned items at the back of your freezer start to emerge.  


8. Avoiding checking your bank balance because you know what is (or isn’t) lurking there. 


9. All of a sudden the invites for expensive / really fun things start coming in.


10. You vow next month will be different. 


Become a savvy-saver

MoneySuperMarket strives to help households save their money how and where possible, and one way we do so is by encouraging people to shop around to avoid paying more than they have to on household bills. In fact, we have a whole host of guides to help you watch those pennies and reign in the spending. 

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