Summer holiday hotspots in 2011

Bob Atkinson gives you a visual rundown of where the best value holidays can be found in 2011...

Bob Atkinson: Now where are we all going to be heading away to in 2011? Well, read all the newspapers and you think we’ll be going to loads of weird and wonderful places like Patagonia or places with unpronounceable names in former Eastern European countries, and to be fair a lot of those are the chic hotspots to be going to.

But let’s face it, most of us are the average, normal person and we just want to go away and get a great family break or a break away with our partners in the cities or whatever. So, it’s fairly obvious where we’re going – the hotspots for package holidays in 2011 don’t change much.

One of the things to consider when actually looking for our summer holiday is to actually consider where is really good value and to find where your money is going to go further.

Now for most people, with all-inclusive holidays now being one of the biggest ways of taking a package break, it’s the destinations that offer huge numbers of those holidays that will do well. So Turkey will do really, really well in terms of value for money because we’re paying for everything here in the UK. But bear in mind when you go to somewhere like Turkey, local prices have really shot up in recent years, so people taking self catering breaks to places like that will find Turkey quite expensive.

The biggest return to value in 2011 is Spain. Spain is back with a bang! Hoteliers need the business, the restaurateurs need the business, the Euro is weak – Spain’s having problems with its economy – so Spain will be great value when you’re in the destination this year. Greece is also starting to look good value again, and of course the North African destinations like Morocco and Tunisia do a great deal.

Florida is continuing to do a great deal because domestic travel in the States is down and so everyone there is giving Florida away in terms of entries to Theme Parks, restaurants, shops – money will really go a long way when you’re there.

But there are some interesting places to maybe whet your appetite a little bit. If you like adventure holidays, or doing something a bit different in the outdoors, go to Iceland! They were the people who started all this problem with the Icelandic banks that we had recently, but hey, go there now – it’s an amazing place, it’s dirt cheap and you can get a great, great deal there.

Places like Kenya if you want an exotic beach holiday, that’s actually really, really cheap these days and some parts of the Spanish Caribbean – Dominican Republic, Cuba – and also places like Jamaica offering great value for money on a package break.

So do consider not only where you want to go, but also where’s going to be good value for you to make sure that your money goes as far as it can.

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