Students hit with credit card debt

More than one in three students have a credit card on which they owe an average of nearly £220, a survey has shown.


The Halifax said about 37% of people studying at university have a credit card, although the figure is less than half of the 80% who have a loan and well down on the 64% who have an overdraft.

Female students tend to owe more on their plastic than their male counterparts, at an average of £255.50, compared with just £173.20 among male students.

Those who are studying at universities in eastern regions have run up the highest level of credit card debt at an average of £363.70, followed by those in the South East at £360.60.

People who are at university in the South West owe the least at an average of just £125.

Credit cards are most popular among students in Scotland with 44% of people studying there having one, followed by 41% of students in London.

But at the other end of the scale only 33% of students in both Wales and the East Midlands have a credit card.

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