Student burglary hotspots

‘Student burglary hotspots’ revealed

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Twickenham has been revealed as the UK’s top ‘student burglary hotspot’, according to new MoneySuperMarket data.

As the new semester begins for students around the country, the ‘student towns*’ where people were most likely to have made a home insurance claim for burglary have been highlighted, following analysis of two million quotes.

Once averaged out across the student areas in each town, Twickenham, home of St Mary’s University, were most likely to make a claim for burglary – with a rate of 33.6 claims per 1,000 quotes on

Students in Leeds were second most likely to have to make a claim (30.3 claims per 1,000 quotes) and those in Bradford faced the third highest risk, with 27.2 claims per 1,000 quotes.

At the other end of the scale, students in Carmarthen were least likely to make claims, followed by Newport and Chichester.

Top 10 ‘student burglary hotspots’, by town

  Town Universities Average claims rate per 1,000 quotes
1 Twickenham St Mary’s University 33.64
2 Leeds University of Leeds; Leeds Metropolitan University; Leeds Trinity University; Leeds College of Art; Leeds College of Music; Northern School of Contemporary Dance 30.34
3 Bradford University of Bradford 27.21
4 Huddersfield University of Huddersfield 26.67
5 Egham Royal Holloway College 26.27
6 Uxbridge Brunel University 23.71
7 Cheltenham University of Gloucestershire 23.46
8 Ormskirk Edge Hill University 23.34
9 Wrexham Glyndwr University 23.27 
10 Oxford Oxford University; Oxford Brookes 22.96

Bottom 10 ‘student burglary hotspots’, by town

  Town Universities Average claims rate per 1,000 quotes
1 Carmarthen University of Wales: Trinity Saint David 0
2 Chichester University of Chichester 1.58
3 Newport Harper Adams University 2.11
4 Coleraine University of Ulster 2.47
5 Aberystwyth University of Aberystwyth 3
6 Falmouth Falmouth University 3.12
7 Plymouth Plymouth University; University of St Mark and St John 4.49
8 Bangor Bangor University 5.12
9 Aberdeen University of Aberdeen; Robert Gordon University 5.33
10 Exeter University of Exeter 5.5

‘Soft target’

Kevin Pratt, consumer affairs expert at MoneySuperMarket, said: “Insurance is unlikely to be a priority for most students - ditto home security for those in halls or lodgings - but burglars and opportunist pilferers are always on the look-out for a soft target, so it’s important that students are aware of the risks they face and take steps to protect themselves.

“Insurance is essential. Some students might benefit from extended cover on their parents’ home contents policy, but it is crucial to check by reading the small print.”

The research also found that students are 54% more likely than the general population to insurance expensive laptops, but were 54% less likely to insure expensive televisions and 76% less likely to insure expensive watches.

Meanwhile, only 22% of student homes have burglar alarms fitted, compared to 30% of the general population, and were 7% less likely to have operating window locks.

Top tips

Kevin offers some top tips on how students can go beyond home insurance to make sure they don’t leave themselves vulnerable:

  • If you live in halls, don’t leave your door unlocked if you go to the kitchen or a friend’s room.
  • If you’re sharing a house, talk to the landlord about fitting sturdy locks on exterior doors and windows, as well as locks on your own bedroom door.
  • Be cautious about leaving items such as laptops or phones unattended, both in the lodgings and while you’re out and about on campus.
  • Keep your keys out of sight from windows, doors and letterboxes where they could be fished out.
  • Take photographs of your valuables, especially expensive electronics with unique serial numbers
  • Buy a UV security pen for a couple of pounds and write your postcode on your valuables.

Find out if your area is a ‘student burglary hotspot’ using our interactive tool here.

* A town home to at least one of the official UK learning providers listed here

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