Stretch your student budget with these 6 simple rules

Try these simple yet savvy tips to help you stick to your student budget

For all you students out there, these tips will help you save a bit more cash so you can plan for that summer holiday or just treat yourself after a long term.

Can cook, will cook!

Plan your meals! Foods like potatoes, pasta and rice are really filling and store well for long periods and meals like curry, chilli and pasta bakes can last for a couple of days and the ingredients don’t break the bank!

And don’t let leftovers go to waste - pop them in the freezer for a later date.

Be a Thrifty Book worm

Don’t buy your books from the campus bookshop - search online first and see if you can find any second hand books for a fraction of the price.

Or see if an online rental service such as Course Smart can save you a few quid.

Sensible spending

Students and overdrafts go hand in hand but make sure you are using a 0% facility. Never exceed your limit as you could be hit with some serious charges.

Put down the Beer, and get your cash off campus

Don’t withdraw cash from fee charging ATMs on campus. Pay on your card where you can or take a short stroll to a free cash point.

Switch to save

If the gas and electric is in your name, have a look around for cheaper suppliers. You can save up to £200 a year by switching – so it really is worth the effort.

Savi surfing!

When you sign up for a TV and broadband package don’t automatically go for the 12-month contract – you’ll be away from Uni during the summer, so you don’t want to be paying for something you can’t use

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