Snoop on your neighbour’s bills with E.On’s energy toolkit

Keeping up with the Joneses has taken an ‘energy efficient’ turn with the launch of a tool from energy giant, E.On.


The Saving Energy Toolkit – which is available straight from your online E.On account – breaks down your energy usage by heating, lighting, hot water and appliances – and allows you to compare how much total energy you are using with similar E.ON customers in the local area.

And it’s being party to information like this that could save us all a fortune…

According to Policy Exchange behavioural economics, such as knowing the amount our neighbours spend on the same bills, is a key driver in getting us to take action and reduce the cost of our own.  The think tank estimates that up to £75 a year could be saved if we knew what our neighbours were paying for their energy costs.

Got the bug? E.On’s Saving Energy Toolkit even allows you to try and ‘beat’ next door by selecting goals to help challenge your energy consumption – although you’ll need to have at least a year’s bills history before you can play.

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* 51% consumers, MoneySuperMarket data, December 2014

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