Should you take a bite out of an Apple or a Blackberry?

For thousands of mobile phone customers in America who queued up last month to be among the first to sample the revolutionary Apple iPhone, technical problems and a heavy price tag might have left them with a sour taste.

If you haven’t heard, just days after it landed into consumers’ hands for prices in the region of $500 (about 250), 60% of iPhone users have reported that their iPhone's battery will not indicate a full charge no matter how long they are left plugged into a power adapter.

Apple has since acknowledged the issue and vowed to solve the problem in a future software update – which will almost certainly be in place before its UK launch date (anticipated to be sometime in September).

However, with the iPhone likely to be similarly expensive in the UK, if not more so, should you wait and be part of the rush when it hits shelves over here later this year… or should you opt for a cheaper (and possibly better) alternative?

In my opinion, the latest Blackberry models already available through the mobile phone comparison tool at, may be the best smartphones on the market.

The Blackberry Curve (also known as the Blackberry 8300) for example, has a liquid silver finish and clean lines that make it, at least in my opinion, aesthetically superior to the iPhone. It’s also packed with features despite being incredibly light – including a full QWERTY keyboard, a camera, a multimedia player, expandable memory and trackball navigation.

Indeed Blackberry has another head-turner available right now, in the form of the Blackberry Pearl (or Blackberry 8100). It includes an expandable memory, digital camera, quad-band support, text messaging, instant messaging and organiser applications – basically everything you need to keep a miniature office in the palm of your hand.

This isn’t to say that the iPhone isn’t a potentially great phone – it certainly is, and its touch screen technology is truly innovative. However, with the iPhone’s teething problems, Blackberry seems well-positioned to swoop in on its share of the market. Blackberry is a proven provider that appeals to a consumer base who value reliability – something that Apple has yet to prove.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that any rates or deals mentioned in this article applied at the time of writing and may no longer be available/applicable today.

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