Should I get a joint or a separate policy?

Need help choosing between a joint or a separate policy? Watch this video to learn some of the benefits of each.


Our view is that for most couples buying two single policies is best.

You do need to think what’s right for you and to help you do this we’ve detailed the features of buying a joint and a single life policy.

Joint policy

Buying a joint policy is cheaper than getting separate cover.

There is only one pay out, this means the surviving partner no longer has protection.

If the relationship breaks down, splitting the policy may be complicated.

Separate policy

Separate policies can be more expensive but there are additional benefits.

You have two policies, on the death of the first partner there is a payout and when the second partner dies, there is another pay out.

Separate policies also enable you to choose different terms and different amounts of cover, per person.

Hopefully that will have helped you think about what is best for your needs, but the main point is having any policy is better than having no life insurance at all.


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