7 super-helpful apps to get you through Lent

Whether you’re religious or not, Lent is always a good time to dust off those forgotten New Year’s Resolutions and commit yourself to 40 days of healthy and wholesome living (desert location optional). 


Abstaining from your vices, be it excessive chocolate or expensive coffee, can be a challenge. But a variety of apps means we can equip ourselves with enough technical assistance to help us battle through to Easter.

Check out our suggestions, all of which are free to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

1. Snoozers are losers

Research suggests early risers are more productive, feel more energised and are more motivated than their night owl counterparts. So quit your snoozing habit with the Sleep Better app.

It tracks your sleeping patterns and can help you feel rested in the morning by waking you up during your lightest sleep phase – reducing the need to hit the tempting snooze button.

2. A glutton for chocolate buttons 

Keep your sweet tooth at bay with the Calorific app. Input the sweet treat you’re tempted by and the number of calories it contains is worked out. The app also features a ‘Did you know?’ section with calorie equivalents.

So, did you know that two crumpets have the same number of calories as a big spoonful of jam?  Neither did we until we downloaded this app!

3. Meat me in the vegetable aisle

Save money and avoid forking out on expensive recipe books if you’re going meat-free this Lent. If you are in need of meat-free inspiration, check out the BBC Good Food app.

4. From frivolous to frugal in 40 days

If saving the pounds and pennies is on your Lent agenda, get a helping hand from the OnTrees app. Just make sure you log everything you spend, and we mean everything! 

5. Not joking about quitting smoking

Healthier lungs and more moolah in your pocket, what's not to like?! The NHS Stop Smoking app counts the days since you've stopped smoking and show you a running total of the money you've saved since giving up.

6. Carbe diem

If white bread or pasta is your downfall, give the Carb Counter app a go.  Unveiling the nutritional value of our favourite carbohydrates (or lack thereof) will soon make us empty the bread bin for any last signs of our carby nemeses.

7. Abs-olutely,  I’ll get fit over Lent 

While you’ll have to persevere a little after Lent, the NHS Change4Life Couch to 5K will see you go from rough to buff in just nine weeks.

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