Sell your house faster with these insider tips

Need to sell your home fast? We’ve spoken to some industry insiders, including estate agents and property experts to bring you the things you absolutely have to do (and avoid) if you want to flog your bricks and mortar as soon as possible.


Get your story straight

Potential buyers may ask what council tax band you’re in, and how much you pay for bills such as gas, electricity and water – as well as service charges or ground rent. Make sure you have all the answers so prospective buyers don’t leave with unanswered questions. Why not put together a fact sheet with this sort of information on it?

Give a warm-ish reception

When getting ready for a viewing, make sure your home isn’t too cold or stuffy. A comfortable 15 to 20 degrees Celsius is best, according to Surrey-based estate agents Barton Wyatt.

The price is right

Use your common sense when it comes to setting a price. West London-based estate agents Russell Simpson encourages sellers to do their research and use their own judgement, as well as taking on their estate agent’s advice, to get a realistic figure. After all, setting too high a price will make your home harder to sell.

Reflect on this

Replace textured surfaces like carpets, which absorb light, with reflective surfaces like hardwood floors, or even good quality laminate, says The Homebuilding & Renovating Show's Michael Holmes. The same goes for the colour of your walls or wallpaper. Darker colours absorb light, brighter colours reflect it.

The camera sometimes lies

Don’t use trick photography in your online ads to impress buyers. Wide angle lenses might make your rooms look more spacious and Photoshop might be able to hide the imperfections, but buyers are going to want to see it for themselves. They’ll see the truth and might feel mislead, so be honest.

Don’t wait

Waiting until spring, the traditional home-moving season, to sell your property is a bad idea according to online estate agents Its chief executive, Alex Gosling said: “It's a myth that homes only sell during spring. Homes are being bought and sold 365 days a year. Whatever season you choose, make the most of your home's seasonal amenities during that time.”

Don’t paper over the cracks

Wallpapering over large areas of your home’s walls can be off-putting, for two reasons: 1) buyers might not share your excellent taste in design, 2) buyers will be unable to see the condition and quality of the walls, and may suspect you’re hiding something.

Don’t get up a viewer’s nose

Make sure your house smells good. This piece of advice comes up time and again with our panel of insiders, who say sellers focus on how things look but forget about the smells and sounds a potential buyer will be faced with.

Open your windows to air out your house, clean the drains, empty and wash the bins and get some pleasant (but subtly) scented candles in to make your home smell its best without overpowering viewers.

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