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With energy costs continuing to soar, reducing the amount of gas and electricity we use is a priority for most people. We look at how energy monitors work and how much they could save you…

I’ve been testing the EDF EcoManager, a handy little device that gives you a daily and monthly breakdown of how much energy each of your household appliances are using, and how much they are costing you to run.

And it’s really simple to use, to monitor an appliance you simply plug it into one of these special transmitters and it will send all of the relevant data to the control panel.

You can connect up to 14 transmitters to the control panel but can monitor even more appliances if you have them plugged into a multisocket adaptor, for instance, I monitored my computer, printer and desk lamp all from the one transmitter.

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The ecomanager certainly opened my eyes to just how much energy I use around the home, to the point where I have now turned into my dad and am completely neurotic about turning off appliances!

But I no longer need to do the mad dash around the house to turn off appliances before I go out as they can all be switched on or off directly from the ecomanager control panel…so it saves me time as well as money!

But once you know where your money’s going, you need to work out how you can make savings….so follow these simple steps to start saving money on your energy bills.

Don’t overfill your kettle, only boil as much water as you need

Try to always wash a full load of clothes and use the lower temperature settings, 30 degree washes are ideal.

Never leave the fridge door open longer than you need and regularly check that the seals are all sound.

You should also regularly defrost your fridge and freezer and try to avoid placing hot or warm food into either as this increases the workload and uses more energy.

By simply turning down your thermostat by one degree you can save around 300kg of C02 per year which equates to a monetary saving of around £30 per year.

Also, when heating the house, make sure that radiators are not obstructed by curtains, furniture or drying clothes.

Another good tip is to switch energy provider and simply shopping around using moneysupermarket could save you over £300 on your energy bills!

Use energy efficient lightbulbs as they can reduce your lighting costs by £78 over the lifetime of the bulb…And make sure you turn off the lights when you leave the room.

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