Sarah Beeny’s top tips to property investment and home improvements

Are you thinking of becoming a property investor or planning some home improvements? Property expert and founder of Sarah Beeny gives her top tips on property investment and home improvements...


Tip 1

If you are thinking of becoming a property investor, make sure you buy in an area you know really well and check your figures incredibly carefully. Don’t forget that you have to pay tax on the income you receive.

Tip 2

With rental properties, more is not necessarily more. Don’t forget if you have lots of low value properties then you still have lots of boilers to fix and lots of houses to redecorate, if you have got one higher value it sometimes stacks up better.

Tip 3

If you have got a property to let, make sure you put it onto, I know it sounds like a bit of a plug, but to be honest it’s completely free to use, so you have nothing to lose apart from not having to pay agent fees and a very simple way of marketing your property really well.

Tip 4

The most important thing to remember when you are doing home improvements is to not over-estimate how much you can do yourself, there is nothing more depressing than a home improvement project that is half done, that you never quite get finished.

So, be really realistic about how much time you can put into it and get builders to do the rest of it.

Tip 5

It’s always important when doing building work and half way through and finding it a bit depressing to think about how far you have come, rather then how far you have got to go.

People get rather depressed by thinking ‘I’ve got so much left to do’ when actually, think about where you started in the first place and it doesn’t seem so bad.

Tip 6

Don’t under-estimate how much difference the front of your home makes to its value. If you spend a bit of time and effort on the outside, it will make so much difference when it comes to the all important sale price.

Tip 7

Use paint really carefully and cleverly, you don’t have to just paint the walls one colour and all the wood work white, you can use it in clever and unusual ways and create a really strong, effective and expensive looking effect.

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